What's Happening

The Flying Camel hosts a variety of live events including live music, dances, contests, food and mixology demos, “edutainment” presentations, and assorted odd festivals.

EVERY WEDNESDAY: Inklings: Hello, writers! Drop in Wednesdays 7 to 9 for short writing classes, creative writing prompts, help with your writing, and a fun and supportive write-in.

EVERY THURSDAY: Open-Mic Storytelling: Thursdays 9 to 10, take the stage and tell your story. A prize to the best story of the evening.

EVERY FRIDAY: Friday Night Cabaret: Fridays 9 to 10, the mic is yours: give the world your best song, comedy sketch, juggling act, or what-have-you.

MOST SATURDAYS: Drop-In Dance Lesson: Saturdays 6 to 7 bring your partner and learn the steps to popular dances.

EVERY SUNDAY: Game-In: Sundays 12 to 6 enjoy a leisurely afternoon of tabletop games.


The Flying Camel Has Live Music Most:

               Thursdays 7 to 9

               Fridays 7 to 9

               Saturdays 7 to 10

Need a space for your club to meet? 

Book our ten-seat “Drawing Room” free of charge!