About Us

The Flying Camel ...

... is Hagerstown’s one and only literary café and piano bar, locally owned and operated by the Castillo family, featuring a warm and inspiring atmosphere, a playful and loving staff, healthy fare, bizarre and delicious cocktails, and food for thought. We host live music, open mic events, odd festivals, and thought-provoking talks. Our atmosphere is designed to inspire curiosity and encourage learning.

Our Mission Statement

1. We’ve got a vision for Hub City’s future: we think the Arts & Entertainment district is on the brink of a renaissance. Within the next five years, the South Potomac Street area will become a nexus of arts, music, food, culture, and ideas. We’re proud to be part of it.

2. We’re a community asset: we bring in speakers to discuss local topics, we host discussion forums, organization meetings, and feature events about things that matter. 

3. We raise money for local nonprofits: the Camel gives back to its community with fun and innovative fundraisers, and we donate a portion of our profits to local charities.

4. We actively seek diversity: we are an inclusive space, welcome to all, regardless of age, orientation, or ethnicity. We encourage all facets of the community to meet and get to know each other in a welcoming environment.

5. We pay our staff really well: we pay significantly above minimum wage, and all our employees keep the tips they earn.

6. We empower our staff: we include our staff in decision-making and encourage creative contributions to the Camel mission. It shows in their interactions with customers.

7. We encourage creativity, curiosity, compassion, and critical thinking: in our décor, our menu, our events, and our space.

8. We’re a great place to have a conversation: the Flying Camel’s environment is fun and upbeat, but never too loud to have a high-quality conversation with your companion.

9. We’re a great place to write, think, and create: artists, writers, poets, and musicians often come to the Flying Camel to relax and work in a cozy, creative atmosphere.

10. We're sensitive to community needs: our menu has a variety of low-cost options, and there's never a cover charge for performances.

11. We're responsive to dietary needs and drinking choices: we offer a selection of delicious creative mocktails and vegetarian and vegan menu options.

12. We’re a place where you belong: we’re the kind of local establishment that feels like a second home, a hub of community life.

How to Beat MDTheatre Traffic


MYTH: "There's no parking in downtown Hagerstown on a MD Theatre night."

MYTH, BUSTED: Park in the Arts & Entertainment deck by 6pm, find  plenty of parking spots right next door to the Flying Camel. Go home  happy by 8:30pm and avoid the post-show traffic.

BETTER IDEA: get  in by 6pm, spend the evening at the Camel. Drink a toast to all the  traffic exiting the garage. By 9:30pm, go home happy AFTER the post-show  traffic!